Let Us Clear Up A Few Things

Fact VS Fiction of English Bulldogs

Bulldogs Chew Everything in Your Home to Pieces:  part fact + part fiction

It’s true that Bulldogs have super strong jaws that enable them to grind anything you can imagine to pieces and it is also fair to say they do tend to chew more than other dog breeds. However, much of this chewing is done in the puppy’s adolescent stages of life (between 1 to 3 years old), and they’re certainly not doing it just to be destructive! Your Bulldog needs attention! Use distractions to help stop the chewing, do not leave them unattended for long periods, make sure your pup is being stimulated by lots of interaction!

Bulldogs Stink: Fiction

The truth is, Bulldogs don’t just emit strange smells or scents from their body when they’re healthy and well kept. Many people assume that Bulldogs are rough, tough and stinky by way of their character. Believe it or not, there aren’t any stink glands imbedded in the skin of the Bulldog, nor is any part of its anatomy smelly by nature. There’s a little more to it than that.

 So, what’s making your English Bulldog smell so bad? In most cases, the stench is being produced by a yeast infection either in between the facial folds, tail pocket or in the ears, that is the culprit! The Bulldog’s deep wrinkles on the face and a sometimes-crowded tail pocket tend to capture a lot of debris and in only a short amount of time can become infected and begin to smell bad. As a good rule of thumb, it’s wise to check up on the ears twice a week while the facial folds should be cleaned 2-3 times each week. You can bet the stinky yeast infection won’t subside until it’s been thoroughly cleaned and medically treated.  

English Bulldogs Are Too Stubborn to Be Trained: Fiction

Bulldogs are stubborn, but not too stubborn to be trained! There’s nothing stopping you from achieving a well-mannered, fun loving and obedient Bulldog. That being said, your Bulldog counts on you to be a consistent leader with his training. It’s crucial you start his coaching at a young age, but even with mature Bulldogs, there’s still hope. Simple commands like “sit,“ “com,“ “stay” and “no” are usually understood by your dog very quickly. It takes patience and time, but your bulldog is just as trainable as any other breed!

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