French Bulldogs

black bulldogge puppy

French bulldogs are a fantastic breed of dog. They make wonderful companions; and one of the reasons the French Bulldog has been popular throughout the history of the breed, is their desire to be near their owners. Because of this, you should never pen your Frenchie up for long periods of time.

The French Bulldog is delightful, easy to groom, and requires very little exercise. Taking a long walk is wonderful for their overall health and exercise, but an occasional walk outside will keep them healthier than no exercise. To help your dog socialize well with people and other animals, it is recommended to take you Frenchie visiting to various places. This allows your dog to become more comfortable in various situations and to keep them from overreacting out of fear to the unknown. It will also build confidence and character in your dog, as well as give an easier time when separated or when traveling. When feeding you Frenchie, use consideration when choosing their food. Be aware of artificial preservatives and excessive protein and fillers.  Some dogs may have allergic reactions to certain commercial foods. Read the label and know what suits your dog’s needs best.

The Frenchie typically does not bark excessively and they make a good watch dog. They can become territorial and protective, but should never be mean or aggressive. French bulldogs are willing to be trained, but know that they can be very stubborn and hardheaded. They respond well when the training is turned into a game. Their breed is considered people pleasers and they love to be the center of attention. Make sure during your training to give them lots of praise and reward them for the correct responses. When potty training your Frenchie, develop a routine after they eat, before bed, and first thing in the morning. The most important thing with house breaking a dog is consistency.  For this reason and many more, Frenchie’s make wonderful pets and are worth considering when looking for a pet.

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