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Feeding a Bulldog Puppy

Feeding Your Puppy

You have now bought a Bulldog puppy, and you need to feed him.  Hopefully I can help you with what you should feed him, how much, and how often.  Here at Bulldogge Blvd, we are here to help you through all of your questions.

Taking care of any puppy is a big responsibility, but a Bulldog puppy does have some special health and feed requirements.  The best thing you can do is check with the breeder, and also check with your vet.

Switching Puppy Food

Switching Puppy Food

When you first bring your Bulldog puppy home, you need to keep feeding him whatever the breeder was feeding your Bulldog puppy, for about three to four weeks, before you even think about switching puppy food.  This will give your puppy time to adjust to being at his forever home, and being away from mom and his siblings.  When you do decide that you want to switch your puppy food, you will need to do it slowly, it will take at least 7 days to switch food.

When switching your puppies food, on the first through the third day put three fourth of the old puppy food and one fourth of the new puppy food and mix together.  On day four and five you can mix half of the old food and half of the new food together, always make sure that you mix the food well.  If your puppy is still going great on the mixture then on day six and seven you can mix one fourth of the old and three fourths of the new food together, and mix well.  By the time you get to day eight as long as your puppy hasn't shown any signs of tummy troubles.  You will be able to give him the new food.  However if you noticed that your puppy is having tummy troubles, you need to go backwards with the measurements, it could take longer than the 7 days.  Bulldogs have especially sensitive digestive system and any abrupt change in his diet will easily upset his small tummy.

Signs of an Upset Tummy

Sick Puppy

One of the biggest signs of tummy troubles in your Bulldog puppy includes vomiting, and diarrhea.  If you see these signs in your Bulldog puppy.  Check with your Vet.  They just might want to see the vet, to make sure that he is okay, and not sick.  If your puppy is sick your Vet will be able to treat him right away.

Diet for Your Bulldog Puppy

Puppy on a Diet

With all the puppy food out there it can be overwhelming to you when you go pick some out.  Your breeder will be a good source of information on what type of puppy food is best for your Bulldog puppy.  It never hurts to have your Veterinarian make a recommendation of food for your puppy.


Puppies need plenty of protein to promote muscle, strong bones, and joint growth.  Natural protein and a high-quality food should account for about 20% of your puppies diet.  The protein will help your puppy develop.  Believe it or not, sometimes a puppy needs more calories than an adult Bulldog.  

Choosing the Right Food for you Bulldog Puppy

Due to the Bulldogs anatomy, he does have special feeding requirements.  Did you know that Bulldogs are a Brachycephalie breed? This means "Shortened Head"  it refers to the short nose and flat face, and having the short muzzle.  This is one reason why they have problems picking up food.  If you're feeding your puppy dry food, make sure it is a triangle, or any other unique shapes.  You could always mix hard food with wet food, as it will be easier for your puppy to consume it easier.

As your Bulldog Puppy gets Older, Feedings Changes

Older Dog

Until your puppy reaches 3 months old, you should feed him four times a day.  But as your Bulldog puppy gets older and once he reaches three months to 6 months old, you need to reduce his feedings to three times a day.  At the 6 months to a year old, you should begin feeding him only twice a day.  A Bulldog puppy won't be full grown until he hits the 18 month mark.  It is important to support a slow growth so that their bones form properly.

Feeding a Bulldog Puppy Hard Food

Make sure you are feeding your bulldog puppy a high quality protein diet.  This is very important!  Make sure you choose a dry food that is designed for puppies.  Their is a big difference from feeding your Bulldog puppy, puppy food or Adult dog food.  If you are wondering the difference.  Puppies need to eat more in the way of protein (including a higher concentrations of specific amino acid), fat and certain minerals than and adult dog does.  Since hard food is know to help remove plaque from your puppies teeth.  Dental health is important to any puppy.

Feeding a Bulldog Puppy Wet Food

One upside to feeding your Bulldog puppy wet food, is that it requires less chewing, and it makes it easier for them to eat.  A big downside to wet puppy food, is that it can cause loose stool. You can mix the wet and dry together if you want.

How Much Should I Feed my Bulldog Puppy?

Feeding a Bulldog puppy can be a challenge.  These dogs are prone to allergies, weight gain, and tummy troubles.  Finding the right amount of food can take some trial and error.  

Is my Puppy the Right Weight

By taking your Bulldog to the Vet for regular checkups, your vet will let you know if your Bulldog is getting to heavy.  If you want to keep an eye on your Bulldogs progress, you can run your hands along either side of his rib cage, and you should be able to feel his rib cage.  Also by looking at his waist line should tuck in and be narrower than his hips.  However you don't want your Bulldog to be underweight either.

My Puppy still Acts Hungry After I Feed Him.

bulldogge with fancy colour

Puppies and dogs tend to scarf down food, like they haven't been fed in days.  They look at you with those eyes, and they are trying to tell you that they want more food.  But don't let them trick you into giving them more food.  There is a special bowl you can get that will slow them down when they are eating.  This bowl will help your dog from choking and throwing up, because they have eaten to fast.

My Puppy Doesn't Want to Eat

You have to remember you just brought your new puppy home.  Puppies need to adjust to their new surroundings.  Their is a whole bunch of new people around, and your puppy can feel overwhelmed or disoriented.  Give your puppy time to adjust and explore their new home.

If your puppy refuses to eat for more than one meal, or if you noticed that they are feeling ill.  It's time to head to the vet and have them checked out.  Your vet will know if it is just stress, or if their is something wrong with your puppy.

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In Conclusion:

In Conclusion

Hopefully these tips on feeding your Bulldog puppy has helped you.  The biggest thing to remember is to bring your puppy home, and give him all the love that you can.  Thanks for hanging in to read this very long post.  So I hope you enjoy your new puppy.

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